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  • Non JOI, low level scene, (for Ivory?)

  • Have an idea for a great scene or sexy outfit? ... or just want to see a specific location used then please request it here
Have an idea for a great scene or sexy outfit? ... or just want to see a specific location used then please request it here
 #29463  by headmaster
 Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:06 pm
This is a scenario I came up with specifically for Ivory but could work with any model whose levels don’t extend to JOI etc. I hope it's not too detailed - got a bit carried away!

Ivory is an actress on the set of her new film (I figured this would be a good location as you will have lighting stands, camera cases, tripods etc). At the start she’s sitting studying the script then jumps up as we (the director) walks past - could she ask a few questions about the next scene as she’s unsure how to play it?

What? Oh sorry - I didn’t realise they were shooting now.

Evidently they need to be super quiet as filming is taking place on another part of the set. Ivory lowers her voice and moves in closer.

It's a scene involving nudity which is why she's a bit nervous about it. The script says she has to “slowly unbutton my blouse then let it slide off to reveal my large breasts straining against the fabric of my bra.” She then has to unzip her skirt and allow it to drop to the floor leaving her standing in just her underwear. That’s all fine. But the next stage direction simply says that she “takes off her bra and knickers.” This is a bit unclear. It’s not very detailed.

The conversation is still a bit too loud so they move slightly further away to a more private part of the set, then Ivory leans in very close and reduces her voice to a whisper: Should she remove her bra first and then her knickers? Or take her knickers off first and then her bra? How should she do this? She could just tear them off furiously. Or would it be better to do it slow and sexy? Which would be more accurate for the character and her development at this point in the story?

The director is clearly having trouble picturing what she means so she suggests that she run through a few of the options so he can see which works best. She wants to make sure that it looks good on camera and has "emotional honesty."

First she takes off her blouse and skirt. Then she begins to act out the different approaches whilst describing what she’s doing - still leaning in close and whispering so as not to interrupt filming.

I could push my bra straps down off my shoulders, like this, so that they’re just hanging loose….then reach behind my back, pop the clasp and let my breasts fall out of my bra …Does that look good?

She puts the bra back on.

Or would it be more sexy if I leave my bra on and just pop my breasts out of the cups. How does that look? What if I arch my back more and push my boobs out ? Is that a bit TOO sexy? I'm not sure that's how my character would stand.

I know - What if I pull my bra up instead so that my breasts fall out of the bottom and bounce a bit? Did that look good? Yes I can do that again if you’re not sure…

Eventually she moves on to the knickers:

I could just slide my fingers under the elastic then gently pull my knickers down to my knees… hold them there for a second… then allow them to drop suddenly to the floor? How was that? I’ve got an idea! Would you like me to stand with my knickers round my ankles for a moment and then raise one foot so that they are just hanging from the end of my toes…then kick them away. That looked sexy didn't it?

Maybe I should do it with my back to the camera, bending over like this so you can see my bum? Or I could take my knickers off facing you like this? Yes I agree that’s better, You can watch my face while I’m doing it. Let’s try that again.”

So she runs through as many different versions of removing her bra and knickers as possible, all the while describing what she’s doing in an intimate whisper. Perhaps she could throw in some suggestions for dialogue:

"Maybe at this point I should say "Would you like me to take my bra off for you? Would you like to see my big bare breasts?" ...Hmmm do you think that's a bit too sleezy? Would she say breasts or boobs or tits do you think?"

At some point early on we should sense that she’s quite enjoying this exhibitionism and there’s a hint of deliberate sexiness about the way she’s describing and performing for us. On the surface it’s all professional and above board but something more provocative starts to take over.

Or we could imply that the director is a bit flustered and embarrassed by all this and she has to occasionally remind him "Oh come on - it's just acting. Surely you've shot hundreds of nude scenes before?" (I throw this in because I suspect Ivory is someone who would want to make sure this is not a scene about an actress being exploited :) )

As a final thought which I think is quite good - rather than playing an actress on the set of a film, perhaps Ivory could be playing HERSELF on the set of a WIN, BB, USJ or whatever shoot and it's more like a behind the scenes video (but still keeping the leaning in and whispering element as another model is currently shooting).
 #29465  by headmaster
 Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:46 pm
One more which I'll add to this as it's a similar theme with lots of whispering and description of underwear removal etc:


You’re staying at a big country house with a group of friends and after a few drinks have all decided to play sardines. You are first to hide and have found a pretty good spot in a wardrobe / cupboard / under a bed.

You hear someone enter the room and try to keep quiet but you really need to sneeze…. Aaachoo! We hear the sound of approaching high-heels then door flies open and Ivory is standing there in a sexy, skimpy outfit and looking a little tipsy. Found you!

She giggles and unsteadily climbs into the cupboard / under the bed with you. It’s a very tight squeeze and she lets out a squeal. You warn her to be quiet or she will give you both away so, for the rest of the scene, she speaks in soft whispers whilst pressed up very, very close to you.

It takes a fair bit of rearranging to find a spot where you are both comfortable. Maybe if she kneels down and you stand over her? Or if you lie down and she stands over you? She could bend forwards like this? Various arrangements are tried which give lots of good downblouse and upskirt views but Ivory is so tipsy she doesn’t seem to be aware or mind.

We hear footsteps and you both try to remain silent and not laugh. It looks like you’re going to sneeze again so Ivory presses your head down into her cleavage to muffle the sound. :shock:

All is silent again. Phew. That was close. Ivory fans herself down. It’s so hot in this tight cramped space. Do you have a drink? You don’t. Never mind - She leans in close and whispers in your ear that she’s going to take her dress off.

Ivory proceeds to struggle out of her dress in the cramped space - apologising as her bra-clad breasts and then her knicker / thong clad bottom brush against you and your face.

That’s better. But now she has pins and needles. You do a bit more rearranging and are pressed up against various different parts of her anatomy and at various angles as she tries to get comfortable. Perhaps it’s because her bra is too tight? Again she whispers in your ear to tell you that she’s going to take her bra off. She starts to do just that then pauses and giggles. She hardly knows you. Again she whispers in your ear “You don’t mind do you? You don’t mind if I take my bra off in front of you and expose my big bare, heavy breasts?”

You start to suspect that Ivory is being deliberately flirty.

We continue in this vein with Ivory whispering at close quarters and describing in great detail what she's about to do. After removing her lace bra and releasing her breasts, she’s going to slowly take off her stockings and suspenders. Would you like to see that? Then she’s going to slide her knickers off, gliding them down over her hips before giving a little wiggle to make them drop. Is that okay with you? Would it be okay if she takes her knickers off in front of you?

After giving you a full descriptive trailer for the upcoming feature, she then proceeds to do each of things in turn. She might ask for help undoing the bra clasp. Or get you to kneel down to give her more room. Where can she put her panties now? Would you mind if she stuffs them in your mouth? That ought to stop you sneezing...She checks again before removing each item that you don't mind it she removes her shoes, bra, knickers, stockings, Etc etc.

Eventually she’s completely naked. She whispers to ask if that excites you? Being pressed up against her naked body like that. What if someone finds you?

My preferred ending would be that she then gives you a blowjob and tit-wank but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t go for that ;) So I guess someone eventually opens the door and finds you both.
 #29466  by headmaster
 Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:48 pm
One more...For USJ. I can imagine Zoe Page doing this quite well too.


Ivory's job is to teach girls how to behave like proper young ladies. You have been been asked to sit in on one of her lessons to ensure that she is meeting all necessary educational guidelines.

One of the first things they must learn is how to sit like a lady. Ivory demonstrates this showing how to sit perched on the edge of the chair with knees together, legs at an angle and hands folded on one knee. It is also permissible to sit with legs crossed. These are the correct ways to sit.

Once they are familiar with this, she shows them how NOT to sit.

You should definitely not sit like this...with your legs spread wide open. This is not how a lady sits. This is how a shamless slut sits. If you sit with your legs open, everyone will be able to see your knickers. They will be able to see all the way up your skirt, they will see your inside thighs and they will undoubtedly see your knickers. Can you see my knickers? Do I look like a lady? No. That is why you must sit like this with your legs crossed. Do you understand?

Next she demonstrates how to pick something off the floor by bending the knees and keeping them together. And then how definitely not to pick something up off the floor - by squatting down with open knees or by bending over in a short skirt with straight legs. Never do it like that. That is not proper. It is shameless, slutty, brazen behaviour for naughty, dirty girls.

She goes on to demonstrate the correct way to do various other activities... and then way they definitely should not be done. Perhaps getting out of a car. Climbing a ladder. Riding a horse. etc etc etc.