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  • Have an idea for a great scene or sexy outfit? ... or just want to see a specific location used then please request it here
Have an idea for a great scene or sexy outfit? ... or just want to see a specific location used then please request it here
 #32588  by Steph
 Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:11 am
rboza wrote:Hi, I've kept quiet for a long time but after looking at downblouse, upskirt and boppingbabes I've started to get frustrated instead of enjoying the beautiful girls.
My main gripe is the camera work, the newer films have lots of close up shots of face or boobs, face or pussy and not much of all the girl in all their glory and when you do see all the girl it may be for a couple of seconds only. Far, far too many just close up shots!
A lot of the new films are not in focus at all, I mean the face might be in focus but the boobs are out of focus, a good example of what I'm talking about is Eva Ray's Late Night Wank, the only time her boobs are in focus is when they are in close up shots without her face, she's beautiful, there should never be shots of just face and just boobs but all of her face and boobs and not cutting half her boobs off, don't get too close like in loads of the other models videos.
Downblouse shots should be much more face and downblouse boob shots and much less face "or" boobs.
Upskirt shots for instance you could show at least a bit more of their thighs, if not all of their thighs and legs and feet together in the shot instead of just the top of the model and an inch below her pussy...
Upskirt shots show all of the model more and not just for a couple of seconds, show for at least 15 seconds in one position instead of in, out, up, and down all the time, why?
It would be great to see all the model and much more often, Miah S her new video "your Round", I just can't believe the camera work on it I feel it might be done by a woman who is not into women. She's so beautiful but we get to see just close up thigh or face, crazy when we could get to see all of her amazing body with upskirt as a focus.

Please do less of the jerky hand movements in the videos, Natalia Forrest is probably my favorite model but I can't watch most of her videos because of her ridiculous hand jerking all the time, to me it is so off putting and really unnecessary. Not just Natalia though.

I could go on but I'm not trying to upset anyone here, all I'm saying is please start filming more like Eva “A Much Better View” and Jayne “Clumsy Knickers” again. All off the model is the best.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for the feedback, we have more than one videographer so we'll pass the comments on :)
 #33343  by Skinsss01
 Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:06 am
Yeah cum countdowns have never been my thing either. I get that it fills up the time though, especially for models that are less experienced in dirty talk so it’s easy for them to use the cum countdown card. For me though I am a sucker for when models use the word “Bum” and “Bumhole”. I made a forum about it already but as I’ve said there I think the site is at its best when the models stick to using British words. Words like “fanny” and “Willy” (although cock is still probably the best) are fun to use as there’s not many British sites out there that utilise these British phrases. “Arse” is still technically British but a bit more chavy and overused where as “Bum” is more cheeky and not used nearly enough. For me personally it drives me while when “Bum” and “Bumhole” is used and there’s a lot of models on here that have never used either phrase so for me if they where to be said more it would be the perfect site. Sentences like “would you like to see my bare bum?” Or “look at my bumhole” would drive me wiiiiillld! I don’t know if anyone else here has the same mindset?
The filthier the better! :lol: :evil: Spreading themselves while dirty talking is a massive turn on all be it very explicit and I know that’s not on the cards for a few models.
 #33344  by Skinsss01
 Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:24 am
Also just read the rest of the thread there,
I wouldn’t suggest stopping a certain type of video as everyone has there fetish, I’ve never been into the CEI or girl using a strap on to do JOI but I understand there’s people out there where that’s their bread and butter! And it’s one of the positives this site has with the variety it offers.
I would only suggest what I’d like to see more of from a personal stand point which is the trigger words I suggested but to someone else that might not be there thing also. I am keeping my fingers crossed that more people are into it though so it gets more traction! :lol: :lol: :lol:
 #33345  by Skinsss01
 Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:44 am
Also also :lol: :lol: ,
I’ve always thought it would be a good idea but never seen it done on any site before would be to have a trigger word tab bar, similar to the categories tab but the difference instead would be that you’d type your trigger word in and any and all videos that have that certain trigger word in it would show up so you know exactly what videos out there will tickle your fancy. I get that it’s a tall order though as it involves web design which I don’t have the first clue about. :lol:
It is the suggestion page though so can’t hurt to put it out there. As I say I’ve never seen it done on any site before and for me personally it would be a game changer. Many vids is a site I’ve used a few times as independent models post in the description what words they use and it shows up in the search history so I purchase the vid because of that pretty effective system. That’s all my suggestion anyway! :lol:
Have a good Christmas all!
Over and out!
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