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  • Have an idea for a great scene or sexy outfit? ... or just want to see a specific location used then please request it here
Have an idea for a great scene or sexy outfit? ... or just want to see a specific location used then please request it here
 #16783  by MLP
 Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:33 pm
One of the little things I hate is when the model starts her dirty talk instructions by saying "get IT out" or get "HIM" out...!
Why can't the models just say "Get your COCK out"... maybe use a variation of the word "cock" now and again, saying "PRICK", "DICK", "KNOB" etc...

I hate hearing the girls start off the encouragement by acknowledging "the bulge in my pants" and then go on to say "get IT out"!
I hate hearing the models refer to my cock as "HIM" too!

Is it just me?
 #20029  by MLP
 Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:19 pm
If WIN members don't speak up... little things that you feel are ruining scenes or just don't do nothing for you will continue to be filmed!!!

If other WIN members disagree with me (or anyone else who cares to post) then please make sure you comment and get your say...

First thing that I'd like to see scrapped completely from all scenes (maybe with the exception of those occasional "humiliation" type scenes) are CUM COUNTDOWNS!!!!
Is it me or are these being done more and more!!
Don't know about anyone else but when reaching the end of the scene, I want to hear the models actually "talk me off" with dirty words, encouragement and instructions... not counting down from 10-1.
Towards the end of a scene, if a model says "I'm going to count you down"... I usually "stop" and stop/skip the vid before she evens gets chance to start counting down...!!
 #20032  by admin
 Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:19 am
dq8203 wrote:Already have plenty lol, don't know of anyone agrees or they're listened to though.

If we didn't listen then there wouldn't be any point of the forum would there? Agreeing is a matter of taste.
 #20038  by MLP
 Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:09 pm
Billguy wrote:I also am not into countowns, the rushed videos, or humiliations. I tried a few a long time ago but I knew I wouldn't like them and I didn't. I don't even watch them now.

I'm not a fan of the "humiliation" type scenes either and like Billguy, I don't even bother watching them.
I know the humiliation vids are few and far between... but are any members even interested in this type of scene???

Another type of scene that I personally am not very keen on is the "through the gap" voyeur type scenes.
On the front page of BoppingBabes right now there are two of these sort of vids I am referring to (Sky "Bare In The Barn" & Leah "Locker Room Spy").
The actual scene idea... I get... but it's just the fact that the actual focus on the model dancing is squashed into the middle of the screen that I don't really like... and I find myself only watching these sort of scenes just the once.
 #20042  by steven
 Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:50 pm
The humiliation scenes have been a staple on WIN for years and without you guys saying you'd prefer not to see them, we would continue doing them, so thanks for the feedback. Of course if anyone reading this does enjoy the humiliation scenes, speak up so we can get a balanced opinion.

The countdowns are usually (not always) used by models who might not be very experienced in JOI and the some of the girls use them as a simple way to end the scenes. They are encouraged to only do countdowns from 5 or 3, with JOI 'between' the numbers- I agree that countdowns from ten can be monotonous, but I will effectively ban all countdowns from now on as they clearly aren't popular! :)

In terms of the through the gap videos, I'll make sure they are decreased in number. Again if anyone would still like to see these type of scenes produced, let us know. We do our best to produce content to satisfy a variety of tastes and we don't want to stop making certain types of scenes just because they didn't get any support on the forum.

We value our member's feedback, so thank you, it helps us produce videos that you want to see and keeps the quality and standard of our scenes as high as possible. :D
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