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Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
 #33016  by Sammy
 Thu Oct 21, 2021 9:32 am
Cumming soon... :evil:


 #33752  by samloan58
 Tue Mar 08, 2022 9:46 pm
That's great news!

I have already mentioned numerous times that Natalia is #1 on my top list of models on WIN, hell all UK models in general for that matter!

Came up with three scene ideas for her:

Dominatrix Hires a Sex Slave

Part 1:

Natalia is in an evil mood today, and is in need of a sex slave which she can use and abuse to destress her anger. She calls you to come to her room to please her. She humiliates you and tells you that you deserve to be pegged. She first makes you suck on her strap-on before she starts pegging you. As she finishes pegging you, she makes you cum on her strap-on. The scene ends as she tells you to lick your cum off of her strap-on.

Part 2:

Natalia calls you again the next day. This time, she seems to be in a happier and giving mood. For being an obedient slave yesterday during the pegging session, she wants to reward you by allowing you to please her. She makes you worship her outfit and body, telling you to tell her how amazing she looks. She then tells you to worship her boots and lick the heels. Then she tells you to start licking her pussy. She shouts at you to lick her pussy better. She then gets on top of you, and starts riding you on the bed. She orders you that you can only cum after she orgasms. She also tells you to make sure to not cum inside of her as she forgot to take her contraception pills today. However, as she gets close to her orgasm, you end up prematurely cumming inside of her. She screams and gets off of your dick, shouting at you for not listening to her instructions. The scene ends as she orders you to fuck off.

Outfit Suggestion:



Surprise Sex in the Kitchen

As you get home after a long day of work, you hear Natalia is in the kitchen making dinner. As you go into the kitchen, you see her wearing a sheer latex outfit in a pair of white boots. She tells you that she wanted to surprise you today with her new outfit. She tells you that she wants to have some fun after dinner, but you insist on fucking her now. She hesitates initially, but eventually gives in to your demands. The POV angle here should be the one similar to Sofia Rex's “Spontaneous Fuck” scene. She starts off with a blowjob, and then you tell her to give you a bootjob. Afterwards, she rides you. Right before you are about to cum, you tell her to get off and let you cum on her boots. The scene ends as she walks out of the room, cum dripping from her boots, to clean up.

Outfit Suggestion:


Girlfriend's Best Friend Makes You Cheat

You are at a costume party, and in the middle of the party, Natalia (your girlfriend's best friend) tells you to meet her in the bedroom to talk about something. She tells you that she knows you have a girlfriend, but she thinks you should be with her instead. She goes on tell you how your girlfriend isn't as hot as her, and probably doesn't have sex with you as often, and how you deserve a much better person like her. You decline her advances, and she takes off her top to show you her tits. As she cups her tits, she asks you "How about now? Will these persuade you?" You try to decline once more, but she starts caressing your cock from your trousers, while saying, "Doesn't seem like your cock wants to listen to you." You give in, but you tell her that she must be quiet or else your girlfriend will hear and find out. After a blowjob, you start fucking her. She puts a hand on her mouth to stop moaning. However, after a few minutes of rough sex, she stops covering her mouth and says "Fuck it, I don't care if your girlfriend hears me, she's a filthy bitch anyways." She starts moaning loudly. As you are cumming inside of her, your girlfriend opens the door. Natalia laughs as she says, "It's over, your boyfriend is mine now"

Outfit Suggestion:


Was looking through her other pictures on her socials, and found this outfit, would be nice if she did a normal JOI scene in it:

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