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  • Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
 #26960  by Falstaff
 Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:35 pm
"Georgie's Big Dick" is yet another AMAZING video! I have to express gratitude for you making videos like this one and Lucy Lauren's "Wank with Me," they are so great. Georgie has quickly become one of my all-time favorites, she's always so into the roleplay and I'm so glad she agreed to try this one. And so much cum too :D Seems like she didn't expect to get some on her face! Hopefully that won't dissuade her from doing another one in the future!
 #27205  by Falstaff
 Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:33 am
deathr0w wrote:Georgie Lyall will be back int he new year - She'll be doing some content for all the sites, including the new WINVR website! Let us know any ideas for future scenes!

Great news! A few ideas I'd love to see:

  1. Cumshot on her butt like the one in "Brook Logan - Give Me Anal" where she's shaking it while it happens (would love it if you got her face in the shot too like in "Honour May - A Girl Can Dream pt. 2")
  2. Could you do a mirror dildo video like "Brook Logan - Watch Me Fuck" that ends with a cumshot?
  3. Gentle reminder for a nun scene like the ones described here
  4. Naked bukkake scene!
 #27250  by mfrost9899
 Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:07 am
I would like to see Georgie in 2 scenes.
1. Naughty step-daughter. She comes in wearing a school girls uniform. She says mom asked you to talk to her about not doing her school work. She says it is too boring and she is always being bad. Tells him he can't discipline her he's not her real dad. She notices the bulge in his pants. Says would he like to see what is under her uniform. She undoes her top and then shows him her big tits. Asks if her mom has nice big tits like hers? She then pushes her panties aside keeping short dress on. Does her mom have nice juicy ass like her? She offers to give him a tit wank. She lays back and starts giving a tit wank He pushes his cock up to her mouth and she licks the head of his cock. She is surprised when he cums because she has more plans for his dick. In part 2 she says she wants take his cock in her mouth. She begins to give him a good sucking. Does she suck his cock better than her mom? T \hen she wants him to fuck her. She climbs on top and her big tits bouncing. She says shes wants to turn around. She then says she needs to take off her skirt and begins slapping her fine ass as he fucks her. After she cums, she says she wants her to cum on her pretty face. He makes a massive load on her face. She says she needs to clean him up and places his cock in her mouth sucks it clean. She asks whether mom every hm cum on her pretty face?
2. Step mom is using treadmill wearing a tight bikini. She notices her step-son spying on her. Asks him what he is doing there. He says she should be with him not her dad. She tells him he can go ahead and wank if he wants. He asks her to take off her top. She is reluctant to do it because there are others there. Reluctantly she takes off top. He asks her to take off her bottom so he can see her round ass. She agrees to do it. She says she is getting horny watching him. She says they should go somewhere more private. In locker room she pulls out his cock and tells him it is bigger than his dads. She gags as she sucks him. She says she needs him to fuck her. She takes him from behind and then turns around so he can see her big tits. After she cums he asks where he wants to cum. He says her mouth. He cums all over her face and mouth. She tells him not to tell his dad.
 #27353  by jbd
 Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:51 pm
Could you do a confidence booster scene similar to lu elissas?

Also cumming on/in satin panties, her putting them back on afterwards.
 #27371  by kentknight
 Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:30 am
[quote="mfrost9899"]I would like to see Georgie in 2 scenes. ...blah blah blah ........

@mfrost9899 When this site asks for "suggestions", they mean a "rough" idea, not someone trying to get a scripted, custom, video for free! (Try C4S, IWC, or MV for those, they will cost you about £200!) Nice try though! :lol: :lol: :lol:
 #27373  by steven
 Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:09 pm
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Just to clarify we don't mind long and detailed suggestions coming through; it can give us more to go on when planning the scenes. Often though we do need to alter some of the details for various reasons so they won't always be shot to the letter but we do our best to fulfill most suggestions :)
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