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Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
 #33355  by samloan58
 Thu Dec 23, 2021 11:14 pm
Here's a great scene idea for Dolly:

Part One (On WankItNow)

You are the landlord of the house Dolly rents, and today is the day you need to collect the month's payment. She tells you about how lately she has not been getting along with her husband, how he doesn't spend time with her, how he regularly comes back home late in the night, etc. But most importantly, he hasn't been helping out in paying the bills. Due to this, she won't be able to pay the rent this month. She asks you whether there's something else she can do instead. You have always fancied her, so you ask her to let you jerk off in front of her as she strips for you. After a bit of hesitation, she agrees. After you orgasm, she tells you that she has an idea. The scene ends as she goes into another room to change into a different set of clothes.

Don't have much preference on her outfit in this first part. Should be simple. Let's have her hair untied.

We could use the same outfit she wore in this scene:


Part Two (On WankItNow)

She comes back into the room with a latex outfit. She tells you that she knows you have a latex fetish, and she will let you fuck her in this outfit if you waive the rent for the next five months. You offer her three months, but she refuses, and starts walking out of the room. You stop her, and agree to her demands. Using the torso dildo would be perfect here. She starts by giving you a sloppy blowjob. If we can ask her to deepthroat the dildo, it would be great! After a few minutes, she takes out her phone and starts recording herself blowing you. You tell her to stop recording, and she tells you to shut the fuck up. She then rides you cowgirl style, while occasionally recording herself. She lets you cum in her mouth. She records herself gargling your cum and then swallows. She then tells you that she will live rent-free at the house, and you will give her £500 of spending money each month. She will send these recordings to your wife if you don't fulfill her demands. The scene ends as she laughs and tells you to fuck off.

For this scene, either of the below outfits could work. Let's have her hair tied this time.




If she can also bring her boots, that would be the icing on the cake!

 #33405  by M0gs
 Wed Jan 05, 2022 6:38 pm
Dolly is really one of kind, not only is she super cute but she has a fantastic, playful personality that just oozes sexiness. She has a stunning figure with lovely boobs and the most perfect puffy pussy!

It's fantastic news to hear she'll be back for another shoot! :P and it's encouraged me to share some ideas. I don't know if Dolly's levels will allow for all these 'naughty' suggestions :twisted: (she's certainly done up to open leg for other sites) but here are a few new scene ideas for your consideration:

1) Fuck My Panties

You've always had the hots for your step-sister and she knows it. She loves teasing you; especially flashing her sheer pink panties in a short skirt. She sees the bulge in your trousers and this only excites her further knowing you can look...but can't touch! What a naughty tease!...well, it seems today is your lucky day because Dolly is in an extra naughty mood! :P

She pulls her panties up between her pussy lips to show off her gorgeous cameltoe and cute lil hairy bush peeking around the sides. After a little panty teasing, she looks around to check the coast is clear and proceeds to push you on your back straddling you. She playfully unzips your trousers and starts jerking your rock hard dick, teasing the tip with her tongue with playful licks and soft lips. She pulls down the straps of her top to expose her gorgeous boobs so you can enjoy the view whilst she takes care of your swelling cock.

She knows you've got a naughty panty fetish so she hitches her skirt up and starts stroking the tip of your cock against her panties. The warmth/wetness of her pussy behind the soft material of her panties feels soo good...but she won't let you put it inside! She's your step-sister after all! (What would your parents think!?) :shock:

Controlling the situation she continues to playfully tease you, grinding her pussy up and down against your throbbing member. She can see you're almost at your limit from all this panty/ pussy teasing and it turns her on so much she starts pushing the tip in and out between her gorgeous puffy pussy lips through her panties. This tips you over the edge and you explode spurting a hot geyser of cum in her panties and between her puffy pussy lips! She gasps with a mix of delight and surprise! and gives you a cheeky wink and remarks: "Lucky I was still wearing my panties eh?". She proceeds to stand up and remove her cummy panties and makes you promise to keep this your little secret [fade out, the end].

Ideally, this scene should be shot in a similar style like one of Dolly's older scenes: Dolly “Gym Slut Sister” or Dolly “Ejaculation Nurse”but from a low angle with a wide field of view so we can still see her gorgeous face and playful expressions throughout the scene as she's straddling you; especially when it comes to the cumshot with the squirting dildo. Some close-up views can be used during the panty/ pussy job teasing. If her hair and make up can be styled in the same way as she appeared in Dolly “My Cheating Wife(as below) this would be perfect!


2) Cum In My Panties

Dolly is sitting in the college locker room in her college uniform and you're up to your old tricks again, perving as usual! But Dolly's no saint either and she's got a bit of a reputation for doing naughty things in the locker room after class!

As she sits with her legs spread in a short skirt, you catch glimpses of her pink cotton panties as she fidgets restlessly, looking around. She seems to be waiting for someone...suddenly, you hear a noise and hide. After a few moments you peek cautiously around the corner of locker only to see Dolly on her knees with a cock in her hands! Reputation confirmed it seems! Well, it would be a shame not to stay and watch...

Dolly shows off her cock sucking skills, with deep throat action and licking/ sucking the tip. She looks around nervously and whispers to the mystery lucky guy encouraging him to cum before they get caught.

But she warns him that he can't cum on her face, it'd be too obvious and would ruin her make up! So she stands up and pulls down her panties, down a little between her thighs and starts jerking his cock, teasing the tip against her hairy pussy. She tells him she wants him to cum in her panties and jerks a huge load into her panties. She gasps with surprise as she wasn't expecting that much cum!
As you peer out for a better view you accidentally knock the side of the locker. Dolly looks around panicked and with wide eyes pulls up her panties, no time for clean up! :shock: She tells the guy to go! go! go! [fade out, the end].

Ideally, this scene would be shot from a voyeur's point of view.


Almost like a cross between Dolly “Sucking COCK” for the BJ sections and similar in style to Georgie Lyall “Locker Room Fun” for the standing pose (with panties between legs). For the standing pose the camera should be elevated enough so we can see most of Dolly in the frame from head to knee, especially during the cumshot with the squirting dildo. I appreciate that some guys like to see a close-up of the cumshot but there are those of us that enjoy seeing the models reactions and expressions during the moment and I think this view would better fit the narrative.
Dolly always looks incredible but if her hair, make up, outfit can be styled in the same way as she appeared in Dolly “Doing The Deed”, (as below) perhaps wearing plain coloured cotton panties would be wonderful!


3) Fuck My Tits

This request is less complex than the previous two! :lol:

We can all agree Dolly has fantastic boobs! :P


I'd love to see her do a tit wank scene with the squirting dildo similar in style to Kate Anne "Big Tit Wank" or Lu Elissa “Titty Wank” etc where the viewer is essentially in a position straddling the model. Perhaps you can continue the step-mother/ son narrative but I'll let you guys decide what's best for the background story. ;)

Finally I just wanted to say a BIG thanks the opportunity! and for continuing to make fantastic content!

Keep up the hardwork all. 8-)

Stay awesome! ;)
 #33457  by M0gs
 Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:44 pm
Steph wrote:Great ideas guys we have to keep in mind that her levels are to nude so i'll do what I can with the suggestions :D

Thanks @Steph! of course, totally understand and respect Dolly's levels.

Appreciate anything you can do! ;) Thanks again and all the best with the shoot! :D
 #33472  by Falstaff
 Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:28 am
A whole week of Dolly, what a treat!! :D A few requests of my own for her if that's alright, with her levels in mind of course!:

1. Girlfriend's college roommate: You're at your girlfriend's college dorm room waiting for her to finish showering before date night. Her roommate Dolly is there hanging out and the two of you have always been friendly. After a bit of chatting she catches you staring at her cleavage and asks if you have a thing for her. She reveals she's always had a thing for you! Dolly comments on how your girlfriend isn't right for you and how she would be a much better match for you. I love Dolly's dirty talk near the beginning of "Super Tease": have her strip completely naked while talking about how your girlfriend has such tiny tits and how you'd much prefer a curvy/"chubby" girl with big boobs and a juicy bum like Dolly. In the end she encourages a nice big load all over her boobs—no toy visible, just give them a real good glazing like the one in "Wank Yourself Silly pt. 2"!

2. Woken up with cum (as described here)

3. Forgot to wear clothes/Embarrassed Nude (suggested here) — I think it would be a lot of fun having Dolly act this one out!
 #33475  by django21
 Fri Jan 14, 2022 2:11 pm
Love too see her do a Glossy Tight/pantyhose foot wank video with a messy cum on feet ending. One for the feet fetishes out there.
 #33500  by M0gs
 Tue Jan 18, 2022 1:45 pm
WOW! Dolly looks gorgeous! ;) Love her curves! Can't wait to see more! :D

Thanks for the sneak peek! @deathr0w
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