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  • Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
 #33011  by mixersmix
 Tue Oct 19, 2021 3:24 pm
deathr0w wrote:
mixersmix wrote:Any update please?

Sorry for the delay, we were waiting on a reply from our videographer. The shoot got delayed by a few days, it should be happening this week on Thursday & Friday. We'll get the screens up as soon as we have the data. It takes a few days for our videographer to upload it.

Ahh fair enough thanks for letting us know
 #33542  by Sammy
 Wed Jan 26, 2022 12:53 pm
Jjjjjjj8778 wrote:Amazing to see Honour’s scene with a real cock!! Are there any plans to do more of this in 2D?

Yes! We're planning on doing more 2D content with a real cock, exciting times ahead for WIN! ;)
 #33679  by Jjjjjjj8778
 Tue Feb 22, 2022 10:46 am
Will honour be shooting b/g or on her own?

I’m sure I’ve asked before, but honour would be incredible in the pink nurse dress - I’d probably spontaneously combust if she was playing with a real cock in it haha!! Please!
 #33790  by mixersmix
 Tue Mar 15, 2022 5:09 pm
So happy shes back next week I have some suggestions for her shoot, :)

1. Thigh High Boots therapist

You have become obsessed with women in thigh high boots so your therapist tells you to close your eyes and relax and then you hear a zip as 'your eyes are closed' then she has put some on for you and tells you to get it all out of your system, perhaps she has different boots to try on for you and so on....

2. Comic-Con

This can work one of two ways, Honour could wear some sexy cosplay and be a fan or a girl at a booth, I do like the idea of her being an obsessed fan and want to take her favorite streamer (The viewer) out back/hotel room and show how much of a fan she is.

3. The star and the producer

So the star of the movie is to meet the producer of the movie and she thinks its one of those producers and has to dress up looking slutty and hot for the occasion however its a new producer and he unexpecdly offers the role to her then and the, however honour thought she was going to have to fuck to get the role, so she kind of thinks he deserves it.

4. Nerdy Gamer and Older sisters best friend

Honour is the viewers older sisters best friend and they have just come back from a night out and she is dressed in a tight dress and a leather jacket, the viewer is a nerdy guy who stayed in and played video games, he has always liked Honour so she decided to treat him. Like Penny L's 'I'm Game' Scene
 #33792  by fishymonger
 Tue Mar 15, 2022 10:05 pm
brysonsign wrote:Not sure if you've shot any more yet but more whaletail videos would be class! similar style as the scene with Laura...

I’d like this too and also for Bonnie’s shoot tomorrow and Thursday. :twisted:
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