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  • Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
 #22663  by satch9
 Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:33 pm
top girl with amazing boobs and hour glass figure - seen the lingerie somewhere before though.... seems to be doing the rounds
 #22665  by ELtM
 Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:51 pm
Lauren Louise wore that exact same lingerie set recently ... still looks great on her though :D

As for ideas:
Mostly what I've been suggesting on other posts as well
  • A drawn out edging with countdowns etc.
  • A challenge to not cum to soon. It could also involve an "accident" on our end, where we do not make it until she is fully undressed ... so she continues to get completely nude and encourages us for a second round (maybe in a two-part video).
  • A "Lollipop Tease" in lingerie. It could be some sort of challenge: how many licks until you cum?
  • NO screaming from the model. More like a normal conversation (especially towards the end)
 #22719  by SimonUKW
 Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:03 pm
Lycia is great model with the best natural boobs. Glad to see she will feature on your sites.

Love the hair and makeup when she shot for BodyInMind – so natural and cute. :P

Try to get her hair and makeup like this because looking at her insta she often looks quite fake and tacky but the girl nextdoor look is so much sexier.

Scene Suggestions

    In your sauna set in a bright bikini she is a holiday rep taking an evening off and chilling out. She talks about sunbathing topless on a private beach that she knows at the resort. She explains how she got a nice all over tan. She then pulls the top down to show us and says do you mind if I leave this off. Then the bottoms. Then notices the hardon etc. She should be really giggly and happy and teasy smiles then encourages us to have a wank over her.

    In a plain room have her sitting on a chair or stool in a really nice bra or bikini top softly talking right from the beginning in nice English accent. Must be smiley. Need to see smiley face all the time. She says stroke your cock slowly then after a while very slowly takes off top. Get her to say please no stains on my nice top. Then she suggests using her nipples as a target so when we are going to cum she says please can you hit here, pointing at her nipple with her fingers and saying, very softly, please don’t miss me, concentrate now. Pretend it is a dartboard, I want you to score a bullseye! Then when we are spurting she can say save some for my other nipple wont you and twist the other boob to the camera. Then good boy, well done, I very proud of you but very smiley.

    Those boobs look like they could have some fun with a fake dick. She is always touching them on her onlyfans account. Get her to cover her boobs, and the dick, in oil and touch her nipples with her fingers. The shoes that DeeJay found above look good. If they are hers see if she can bring them, then take them off and stick the fake dick between her feet and give it a foot job with more oil.

As others have said, she must talk SOFTLY, no screaming, no pulling funny faces, and SMILE at us. Her voice is great. I heard it on some BTS videos on Twitter. It is a bit TOWIE but sexy. 8-)
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