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Find all our current models across all sites here ... also request or suggest a model that you like to see on the sites
 #34223  by samloan58
 Wed Jun 15, 2022 3:54 pm
It would be great if we could shoot these scenes with Keeley:

Wankitnow: Step-Mom Domme

Outfit: Image

You come home from university early than usual today, and you hear your step-mom in the bedroom. The door is slightly open, and you see your step-mom clad in latex, dominating a slave on her laptop. After a minute, she catches you spying on her. Flustered, she quickly closes her laptop. She confesses and explains how she works as a domme as another source for income. She begs you not to tell your father about this, and to keep it a secret. You tell her that she must do something in return for you to keep your mouth shut. She is willing to do anything, so you tell her to give you JOI and a blowjob. Throughout the rest of the scene, she feels disgusted as she gives you JOI, considering that you are her step-son. Even before giving you a blowjob, she asks you multiple times if this is really what you want from her. The scene ends as you cum inside of her mouth, and she tells you that this can never happen again.

Wankitnow: Keeley's Peg Boy

Outfit: Image

(Intended to be a continuation of Keeley's "You’re Here To Be Dominated" scene)

You come to worship your Mistress Keeley once again. Today, Keeley seems to be in a worse and brattier mood than before as she was in your last session. She has already put on her strap-on for you. She tells you that she is quite angry because one of her previous clients bailed on her. Without wasting time, she tells you take off your clothes so she can start pegging you. She unties her hair. As she pegs you, she shouts at you to moan loader and say "Thank you Mistress Keeley" every time she penetrates you. At the end, she makes you cum on her strap-on, and then tells you lick every drop off of cum off of it. The scene ends as she tells you to fuck off.

Wankitnow: Grinding Reward

Outfit: Image

(Same outfit, but no white top and black lingerie instead)

(Intended to be a continuation of Keeley's "Humiliation Wank" scene)

Since you have been so loyal to Keeley for many years, she has decided to reward you. She has fully buttoned up her coat at the beginning, and applauds you about your loyalty to her. She slowly slips out of coat, revealing her black bra. She tells you to worship her by jerking off to her as she teases you. She pulls the bra down (doesn't take it off though), to show you her nipples as she gives you JOI. She slides her PVC trousers just under her ass to tease you some more. Once your completely hard, she tells you to get on the bed for your final reward. For this part, use the torso dildo. Keeley pulls her bra and trousers back up. She starts grinding on the cock, telling you that this is the closest you will ever be to a woman's pussy. She demands you tell her how good her PVC trousers feel as she slides up and down. By the end of the scene, she tells you not to cum until she says so as she keeps grinding. The scene ends as she lets you cum on her PVC clad ass.

Wankitnow: Office Wank Off

Outfit: Image

(Same outfit, with glasses)

Keeley, your boss, has called in you, and three other employees into your office. She tells you all that she has not been impressed with your work performance. She is planning to fire three employees amongst you for this reason. As she is unable to decide who to keep, she tells you all that an obedience test will be used to determine who stays. She starts giving JOI to all of you. She starts also playing with a dildo. As the test goes on, all of your colleagues end of cumming to early. She takes off her top and her skirt, but keeps her glasses and boots on. She tells each one to fuck off as they cum prematurely. When you are the only one left, she tells you to stop jerking, and let her take care of your cock. She unties her hair and starts giving you a blowjob (tell her to keep her glasses on). She lets you cum over her face and glasses. At the end of the scene, with a facial, she winks and tells you, "See you tomorrow".
 #34224  by samloan58
 Wed Jun 15, 2022 4:30 pm
We should ask her to go deeper during her blowjobs as well for the above scenes. :twisted:
 #34234  by Biglopes82
 Fri Jun 17, 2022 4:10 pm
Fingers crossed for some tutor videos . She’s so good at them
 #34248  by Falstaff
 Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:08 am
She's looking positively ravishing. Can't wait to see these!
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